We promote road safety. Our goal is a sober morning after, and responsible driving.

Alco2Go is US

We test sobriety professionally

Our company is defined by professionalism, innovative technological solutions, and one principal goal: increased safety on all roads. There is no room for risk in our business. That is why breathalyzers marked with the logo of Alco2Go are synonymous with high quality. This has helped us win the trust of drivers and business partners all over the world, as we as achieve a strong market position.

The Technology of Manufacturing Breathalyzers

Thanks to state-of-the-art technological and manufacturing solutions, our breathalyzers are durable, dependable and able to verify alcohol concentration in exhaled air in a precise way. We do not rest on our laurels, however, and constantly strive for perfection in the hiring of the best experts in the industry, investing in R&D and production systems, and modernizing our corporate know-how.

Sober Morning After

It is time for an awareness revolution

Our priority is road safety, saving lives, and elevating awareness to the risks of drunk driving.

98% of drivers remain at risk the morning after

Even a good night’s sleep will not make your body forget you had a great time yesterday. Still, as many as 98% of drivers let it go and get behind the wheel while still under the influence – It is about time to change it!

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