Breathalyzer Results & Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions


How much alcohol can you have in your blood while driving a car? Can you drive after drinking one beer? What can you do when you object to the measurement result? These are only three questions from a long list of questions related to breathalyzers, regulations & road safety. We present ready answers for the most frequently asked questions, which will be regularly updated with information. All for one purpose – improving drivers’ awareness.


How much alcohol you can have in your blood while driving a car?

  • Polish law allows driving after drinking; however its concentration in the body can not exceed 0,2 per mille. The same dose as in Poland is also allowed in Norway and Sweden.
  • More restrictive regulations are in effect in Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Moldova, Romania and Czech Republic, where the breathalyzer during the control must show 0,00 per mille in exhaled air.
  • Less restrictive regulations are in effect in Austria, Denmark, France, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Israel, Macedonia, Latvia and in the Italy, where it is acceptable to drive with a dose of 0,5 per mille of alcohol in the blood.
  • In most states in the US, the legal limit is 0.8 per mille of alcohol in the blood.


Can you drive your car after drinking one beer?

  • After drinking one beer (i.e. 0,5 l) blood alcohol content for women is 0,5 per mille, for the men it is approximately 0,36 per mille.
  • In both cases driving car after one beer is illegal, because polish regulations allow driving with maximum 0,2 per mille concentration of alcohol in the blood.
  • It is obvious that you shouldn’t sit behind the wheel after drinking even the slightest amount of alcohol, because even the smallest doses cause impairment, and contribute to serious accidents and collisions.


0,2 per mille – how much mg/l is it in the exhaled air?

0,2 per mille is exactly 0,10 mg/l of the alcohol in the exhaled air. Driving a car while being drunk is an infraction of article 87, paragraph 1 of the code Offenses, for which there is a penalty of a 6 month driving ban.



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