Self-monitoring & social responsibility: 100% confidence in exhaled breath – Switch your AUTOawareness on.

It is time to take responsibility for your Sobriety. Don't get behind the wheel before testing your sobriety - - this is a demonstration of good social awareness.

Check the list of Alco2Go breathalyzers’ special operations:


AUTO(!) Self Control

Your Personal Responsibility Test

It takes no time at all to make sure you can drive safely and sober. Alco2Go breathalyzers will test the concentration of alcohol in the air you exhale. An alcohol test is something a sensible driver should always be equipped with – have it on hand at all times and do not take a chance driving drunk.


Breathalyzers On Duty

Uniformed Enforcement of Drunk Driving

Alco2Go breathalyzers are easy, simple, disposable and quick control devices – our professional alcohol tests can be used by the army, the police, the municipal guard, healthcare services and all public sector institutions.


Social Awareness Campaigns

Promote Responsible and Save Driving

In cooperation with the mass media, we are running social campaigns promoting awareness, responsibility and sobriety behind the wheel. We give the green light to each worthy initiative that will increase road safety. We are open to partnership – we offer our know-how, technology and the Alco2Go logotype.


Make Corporate Events Safe

Have Fun But Verify Safety

Business briefings, integration events, corporate picnics, banquets, official galas, festivities… there is always an opportunity to raise a toast and party. Alcohol tests are an important element of the CSR policy in every modern company, as well as a guarantee that the Employees will get home safely to their nearest and dearest.


A Responsible Corporate Giveaway

CSR-style marketing

Alcohol tests are a promotional product which will emphasize responsibility of your company and, at the same time, will come in handy for your customers. Just for you and according to your personal suggestions, we will design a unique package for alcohol tests that will be eye-catching and appealing for your brand.


Smart Sales Support

Breathalyzers can do it

Alco2Go breathalyzers will provide real support for the FMCG sector, where selling alcohol is a priority. Our Alcohol tests attached to bottles are a supplement which drivers will find useful, and will support the principles of responsible promotion and stress the importance of safety in your marketing policy.


Alco2Go and Entertainment

Party Nights Out

When there are parties going on at discos, clubs and pubs – Alco2go’s disposable breathalyzers, properly displayed, will remind the party goers that they should not sit down behind the wheel before they sober up.


Alcohol Tests at a Filling Station

Fill It Up With Safety

We all stop at filling stations at some point. While taking that short break and filling up, ask yourself: “Have I really come around 100% after yesterday’s get-together? …” A quick and easy Breathalyzer test will dispel any doubts in seconds. Carry our disposable breathalyzers a your filling station for your customer’s convenience and safety.

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